Y-Combinator-backed Pythagora AI secures $4M for open source app development with AI

Croatian AI developer Pythagora AI today announced the successful closure of a $4 million funding.

Pythagora is the first complete AI developer that builds apps through natural language interaction. Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) and advanced machine learning algorithms, Pythagora empowers users to communicate their app ideas conversationally.

Pythagora’s AI developer automates developer workflows, streamlining tasks from debugging and refactoring to code commits and bug fixes. By facilitating seamless communication between users and the AI developer throughout the development process, Pythagora ensures optimal efficiency and quality, significantly reducing time-to-market.

At the heart of Pythagora’s solution is GPT Pilot, an open-source tool that facilitates rapid app creation through conversational interaction with the AI developer.

According to  Zvonimir, Pythagora’s co-founder:

“While LLMs demonstrate the ability to generate code snippets akin to a seasoned developer, building production-ready apps entails essential repetitive and deterministic steps, including code commits, debugging, iterative refinement, requirement adjustments, and meticulous refactoring—processes integral to every developer’s workflow.”

Pythagora’s investors include Y Combinator, Inovo, 500 Emerging Europe, Moonfire, Rebel, and Uphonest Capital.

The funding will help scale the company’s research and development, while also fueling growth and user adoption over the next few years. 

Lead image: Pythagora. Photo: uncredited.

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