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The air was electric and fans were kept on the edge of their seats as the Antalya Grand Slam came to a close


All-time great, Teddy RINER was in Antalya and looking for gold. Preparation for his home Olympics this summer.

In the final there was an exciting match up with the Olympic pick for Japan Tatsuru SAITO. It produced a great taste of what is to come in Paris – a close battle with many exciting moments. Ultimately RINER countered SAITO for a waza-ari.

IJF President Marius VIZER awarded the medals.

“Thank you all,” said Teddy RINER. “Thank you because the people cry and create a good sensation for the fighters like me and other fighters who are preparing for the Olympic Games. Antalya is a beautiful Grand Slam, thank you all again”.

At -90kg, Sanshiro MURAO and Vugar TALIBOV were approaching Golden Score, each with a waza-ari on the board but Murao’s experience won out and he seized the opportunity for a second waza-ari. A dominant performance for his fifth Grand Slam gold.

Turkish Judo Federation President Sezer HUYSUZ awarded the medals.

At -78kg, Madeleine MALONGA faced Alina BOEHM. A big ippon from the French athlete won her the gold. Huge emotion flooded Malonga to a cheering audience. A fourth Grand Slam gold for Malonga.

IJF Ambassador Antonio CASTRO awarded the medals.

“Antalya Grand Slam was very good” said Madeleine MALONGA. “A good public, good atmosphere and this helped me today for real I think”.

Former double world champion FONSECA blasted his way to the final. ELNAHAS was unable to compete.

Harvest Group CEO Almaz ALSENOV awarded the medals.

At +78kg, Julia TOLOFUA produced an amazing uchi-mata to score ippon and win the gold in her first tournament back on the world judo tour for seven months.

IJF Director General Vlad MARINESCU awarded the medals.

Turkish judo fans in the crowd were treated to some fantastic ippon moments from today by their heroes.

With the bronze medal performances of Mihael ZGANK, Kayra OZDEMIR and Hilal OZTURK the final flourish!

And that’s a wrap on the thrilling 2024 Antalya Grand Slam! Thank you, Turkey for hosting the judo family!

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2024-03-31 19:14:09

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