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  • Discover the latest in tech innovation: AI devices, lifelike VR avatars, and the future of delightful AI interactions.
  • From sprint-enhancing exosuits to AI’s impact on Hollywood, explore this week’s top tech stories!
  • Tech education, electric taxis, and the rise of friendly AI—stay updated with the ever-evolving tech landscape.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, tech titans Sam Altman and Jony Ive, along with their respective companies, have joined forces to create a revolutionary AI device. This device aims to surpass the smartphone and introduce the advantages of artificial intelligence in a new, unprecedented form factor. Unlike conventional rectangular screens, this venture will explore innovative possibilities, as reported by insiders familiar with the discussions.

Meta’s striking VR avatars: A leap forward

Mark Zuckerberg recently unveiled Meta’s latest VR avatars in a Metaverse interview on the Lex Fridman podcast. These avatars, powered by advanced scanning technology, craft intricate 3D models of users’ faces. In a notable departure from their initial iterations, these avatars are remarkably lifelike, addressing prior criticisms of being unrealistic and unsettling.

ChatGPT: A new era in AI conversations

The enhanced ChatGPT has entered the scene, capable of both “seeing” and “talking.” This development transforms human-AI interactions into more intimate and engaging exchanges. With a human-like voice, ChatGPT fosters a warmer, less constrained dialogue, facilitating more casual conversations where users can reveal more about their lives without the pressure of crafting perfect prompts.

The rise of delightful robots

Artificial intelligence has consistently demonstrated its prowess in games like chess and Go. Now, AI is expanding into the realm of human interactions, as seen in Diplomacy, a highly strategic board game. Bots like Cicero are poised to understand human desires and align with individual worldviews, fostering partnerships that promise to leverage AI’s immense processing power while maintaining a conversational and amiable demeanor.

Sprinting with the aid of exoskeletons

Researchers at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, South Korea, have developed an “exosuit” designed to enhance sprinting capabilities. Non-elite runners who wore the exosuit during a 200-meter sprint achieved an average improvement of 0.97 seconds in their sprint times. This innovation hints at the potential for exoskeletons to boost athletic performance in the future.

Joby’s high-speed electric taxi takes flight

Joby, a pioneer in electric aircraft development, has made a significant stride by delivering its first production prototype to the U.S. Air Force. This aircraft boasts an impressive top speed of 200 mph and represents a major milestone in the journey towards sustainable electric aviation. 

FedEx’s game-changing robotic truck loader

FedEx is revolutionizing its package-loading process with a new robot that uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to efficiently load delivery trucks. This innovation underscores the increasing commercial applications for advanced robotics, driven by improvements in AI and sensor technologies. 

The changing landscape of technology education

In an age dominated by AI, the landscape of technology education is undergoing a significant transformation. Computer science is no longer the sole safe major, and the traditional mantra of “learn to code” may not be the golden ticket it once was. Instead, the ability to think conceptually about technological problem-solving may become the true currency of the future.

Hollywood Writers’ AI deal

Hollywood screenwriters have secured a groundbreaking deal addressing the role of AI in the entertainment industry. This contract prohibits the use of AI for scriptwriting or rewriting, mandates transparency in disclosing AI-generated content, and safeguards writers from having their work used to train AI without their consent. As AI encroaches on various professions, this agreement sets a precedent not only in Hollywood but potentially across industries worldwide.

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, these stories highlight the dynamic intersection of AI, robotics, education, and entertainment, shaping the world in novel and unprecedented ways.

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