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Of all the things that supermodel Naomi Campbell could debut on the runway at Paris Fashion Week this year, a wearable AI device was not on our bingo card.

But on her lapel, she sported Humane’s “Ai Pin,” a pocket-sized gadget that brings AI to…wherever you pin it. Humane says it features a camera, a projected screen, and a speaker. The device can notify you of calls, translate sentences into another language, and tell you if you’re allergic to a chocolate bar, according to a TED Talk given by Humane’s founder.

As tech companies vie for the lead in the AI wearables race, the Ai Pin is not the only device sparking comparisons to Black Mirror. There’s also…

  • Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses: Meta’s second foray into smart eyewear. The new glasses include mics, speakers, and camera lenses integrated with Meta AI.
  • Rewind Pendant: From the Sam Altman-backed startup Rewind, this $59 neck-adorning AI accessory “records what you do and makes it searchable,” creating a database of everything you say and hear.

Zoom out: The companies behind these new wearables are hoping you’ll like them enough to use them instead of your smartphone. But, just like when phones put a camera in everyone’s pocket, these devices bring thorny privacy concerns since they make it harder to know when someone is recording.—CC

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