Put away the receipt, AI will now scan your cart at Sam’s Club exit

Sam’s Club, a subsidiary of Walmart, announced it going to implement AI Image capture at it’s exit. Said all 600 stores nation wide will be using the technology by the end of 2024.

Sam’s club announced it will start using AI to scan receipts at its store’s exits.

Sam’s Club Chief Merchant Megan Crozier introduced the new feature during the Walmart Keynote at CES 2024, the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas.

In a press release, Walmart said the exit technology will resolve the “key member concern” of waiting in long lines at it’s store exits.

Crozier said the company plans to include the feature in its nearly 600 stores across the country by the end of 2024.

“We aspire to be the most convenient place to shop,” said Crozier during the presentation.

The American chain tested the technology at 10 stores – nine in the Dallas metro area and one in Joplin, Missouri, reported Retail Dive.

Sam’s AI system uses ‘computer vision, digital technology’: Walmart

The new exit system, which Retail Dive states was built by in-house Sam’s Club engineers, will use  “a combination of computer vision and digital technology” to capture images of a customer’s cart at the exit to verify if the the items in it were purchased, according to the press release.

“Now it’s one thing to enable this easy kind of exit tech in a small footprint store for a handful of items…” said Crozier. “But we’re doing it at scale. We’re providing that same seamless experience across thousands of items. “

The company’s chief merchant said the technology will have “no problem” with scanning a queen-sized bed, an entire winter wardrobe or a cart full of cereal.

“We are constantly looking at ways for Sam’s Club to be the most convenient membership club and will continue to prioritize using technology to provide a truly differentiated and delightful experience for our members,” said Chris Nicholas, CEO of Sam’s Club, in a statement.

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