Former Centrica CEO Joins AI Tech Company, Discusses Opportunities for AI in Energy Sector

Iain Conn, the former CEO of Centrica, has joined the board of Empirisys, a UK-based AI tech company. In a recent interview with Energy Voice, Conn highlighted the benefits of self-learning technology in the energy sector. He stated that AI allows energy firms to optimize processes in ways that were not possible before, improving safety and efficiency.

Conn explained that AI can be used to optimize wind farms by analyzing weather cells in real-time and predicting their impact on turbine blades. This enables energy companies to adjust and optimize energy generation accordingly. He emphasized that AI offers significant advantages for the energy transition.

Discussing Centrica’s E&P business, Spirit Energy, Conn expressed his pride in the company’s focus on the energy transition and the platform it has built to provide services and solutions for customers. He recognized that as the deadlines for the energy transition approach, companies are increasingly thinking about their journey to net zero.

Conn also commented on the pace of the global journey to net zero, stating that it is happening more slowly than necessary. He emphasized the need for increased investment, particularly in addressing high-emitting issues such as coal-fired generation and hard-to-abate industrial sectors.

Regarding his role at Empirisys, Conn described himself as an “experienced amateur” in AI and machine learning due to his background in IT. He expressed his passion for industrial safety and explained that Empirisys aims to improve safety procedures in the energy sector.

As the chairman of Empirisys, Conn looks forward to helping the leadership team with strategy and performance, building an effective board, and refining and focusing the company’s strategies.

Conn expressed confidence in Empirisys and enthusiasm for his new role, describing it as a great group of people with excellent propositions.

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