China Will Issue First Approvals For AI Services as Soon as Next Week

China will approve the first cohort of artificial general intelligence services in the country as soon as next week, Bloomberg reports.

The approvals will unshackle Chinese tech companies, freeing them to deploy generative AI services to the country’s one billion digital consumers, and to catch up to international competitors like OpenAI, which currently lead the market.

The Cyberspace Administration of China, the country’s digital regulator, will approve an undisclosed number of firms which could include Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, Bloomberg reported, citing anonymous sources. The CAC will also open applications to new companies looking to get the greenlight.

The move comes barely two weeks after China’s new AI regulations came into effect on August 15. Those rules apply to services that are available to the general public in China. AI technology developed in research institutions or intended for use by users based abroad are exempted.

The Messenger reported in July that companies building public AI services have to tell the government if their algorithms could influence opinion or mobilize citizens.

China’s new rules represent the most significant step to police the technology and protect the general public.

Rapid adoption of generative AI has also led to regulatory concerns in the US, but America lags behind China in terms of setting rules for the tech.

China will approve AI services by next week
This photo taken on November 6, 2018 shows a man walking past a booth of Baidu at the Light of Internet Expo ahead of the 5th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen in China’s eastern Zhejiang province.STR/AFP via Getty Images

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