AI Tech Boom Expected in San Francisco Bay Area

The California Legislature has unanimously approved Senate Concurrent Resolution 17 (SCR 17), an artificial intelligence-drafted resolution that expresses the state’s commitment to examining and implementing regulations on AI usage. This is the first AI-drafted resolution in the United States.

Introduced by state Senator Bill Dodd, SCR 17 aims to ensure that California leads in responsible AI deployment and use. The resolution acknowledges both the challenges and potential benefits of AI-driven technology and systems. It recognizes concerns such as unauthorized data collection and sharing, while also highlighting the potential for increased efficiency in agriculture and data analysis that could revolutionize industries.

SCR 17 has already been ratified by the full Senate and does not require the signature of the state governor. The resolution signifies an important step in protecting the rights of the public while leveraging the benefits of AI.

The future of AI technology was also a topic of discussion during President Joe Biden’s visit to the Bay Area in June. Biden met with California Governor Gavin Newsom and a group of tech leaders from Silicon Valley. The president expressed his commitment to implementing safeguards to ensure that there are no threats to national security or the economy before AI tools become widely available.

The adoption of SCR 17 and the discussions surrounding AI technology point to an upcoming AI tech boom in the San Francisco Bay Area. With California’s commitment to responsible AI deployment and regulation, the region is poised to lead in the development and utilization of AI technology.

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