Adobe pays for artists for videos to train AI models

Adobe logo on a smartphone screen.

Adobe logo on a smartphone screen.
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Adobe is one of a few companies that pay contributors to submit content to train their AI models. Bloomberg, citing documents, reports that the company is now paying artists $120 to send them videos. Adobe’s goal is to use those videos to train its AI tools, Bloomberg reports.

A company executive told Quartz last month that it’s working on text-to-vector video generation and video editing capabilities for its AI offerings.

The company didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

AI companies have been under stress as both free and paid training data runs out. A previous report from the research institute Epoch AI said data could get used up by 2026, putting tech companies in a precarious position. Business Insider reports that Open AI has even considered generating its own synthetic data to continue training large language models, or LLMs, which power AI chatbots.

Not to mention the legal issues tech companies have encountered. Lawsuits have been filed against chatbot makers for training their models on unlicensed material and shadow libraries. OpenAI has been sued by several authors and news outlets, including The New York Times, for training its models on stories without consent. French regulators fined Google over a similar issue last week. And Congress held a hearing in January to discuss whether authors and artists should be paid for use of their content.

Adobe’s move to pay for submissions, a strategy also employed by Canva and the AI startup Stability AI, is a way to get around these mounting issues facing the industry.

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